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What is Dackie Tier?

Dackie Tier is a tiered system that categorizes users based on the amount of DACKIE tokens they have staked and locked. Your tier is determined by your iDackie score, a special point system that reflects your commitment and contribution to the Dackie ecosystem.

Benefits of Dackie Tier

As a member of the Dackie Tier, you stand to gain numerous advantages, including but not limited to:

  • Access to Exclusive Staking Pools: Enjoy higher rewards and superior returns by participating in special staking pools reserved for Dackie Tier members.

  • Priority Access to DackiePad: Get early and exclusive access to invest in hidden gem projects through DackiePad, our launchpad platform. These limited opportunities are offered on a first-come, first-served basis to our tiered members.

  • Future Ecosystem Benefits: As the Dackie ecosystem continues to grow and evolve, being a part of the Dackie Tier ensures that you are first in line to receive additional benefits, rewards, and other opportunities. (whitelist for new NFT, new features…)

How Does Dackie Tier Work?

iDackie plays a crucial role in determining your Dackie Tier, and it is calculated based on the amount of DACKIE you have staked and the duration for which you choose to lock your tokens. Here’s how we calculate iDackie:

1. When Lock Duration is Less Than 10 Weeks: In this scenario, the formula to calculate iDackie is as follows:

iDackie = ( Amount of DACKIE Staked ) Γ— ( Lock Duration / 10 weeks )

This means that your iDackie score is proportional to both the amount of DACKIE you have staked and the duration for which you have locked it, with a maximum lock duration of 10 weeks considered for this particular calculation.

2. When Lock Duration is 10 Weeks or More: If you decide to lock your DACKIE for 10 weeks or longer, the calculation simplifies to: iDackie = Amount of DACKIE Staked

In this case, your iDackie score directly reflects the amount of DACKIE you have staked, regardless of the lock duration.

Example: Let's consider user A, who plans to stake 200,000 DACKIE. If A chooses to lock the tokens for 5 weeks, then A’s iDackie score would be calculated as:200,000 Γ— 5 / 10 = 100,000. However, if A decides to lock the tokens for 10 weeks or more, A’s iDackie score would be the full 200,000.

Your Dackie Tier is then determined based on your iDackie score as follows:

  • Tier 0: iDackie less than 100,000

  • Tier 1: 100,000 ≀ iDackie < 300,000

  • Tier 2: 300,000 ≀ iDackie < 1,000,000

  • Tier 3: 1,000,000 ≀ iDackie < 2,000,000

  • Tier 4: 2,000,000 ≀ iDackie < 3,500,000

  • Tier 5: iDackie β‰₯ 3,500,000

How to retrieve your DackieTier

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