Brand Assets

Guidelines and downloadable assets like the Dackie logo SVG
The Dackie "Brand Assets" provided below are protected by copyright and should only be used in compliance with the specified policy.
  • The DackieSwap logos, wordmark & emoji
  • DackieSwap name
  • Other visual assets produced by DackieSwap including but are not limited to illustrations and 3d models

Approved Use Cases

You are permitted to utilize DackieSwap's Brand Assets in the following scenarios:
  • When referencing our products and services
  • When linking to our official website or products, e.g., "Trade our token on DackieSwap"
  • When announcing an official partnership, provided you have obtained official approval from a designated member of the DackieSwap team
For inquiries regarding other applications of our Brand Assets, kindly contact us at [email protected]

Dackie Logo Download

By downloading this file, you confirm that you will only use it to the extent permitted by the Terms detailed in this page.