Dackie Staking

DackieSwap offers our customers two alternative staking options:

  • Select the flexibility of unstaking whenever you choose with our "Flexible Staking"

  • Or receive bigger benefits by committing to a "Locked Staking" period

1) What’s the difference between β€œFlexible staking” and "Locked staking"?

At DackieSwap, we make earning more $DACKIE tokens super easy by staking your DACKIE tokens in our pool. We've got two cool options for you: "Flexible staking" and "Locked staking".

  • With Flexible staking, you can stake your DACKIE tokens and enjoy the rewards while having the freedom to unstake whenever you want. It's like the chill version of staking.

  • But if you want to go all-in and maximize your yield, Locked staking is the way to go! By committing your staked DACKIE for a selected period, you'll earn an even bigger boost compared to Flexible staking. It's like taking staking to the next level.

The best part? Both options are part of the same pool, so you can switch between them whenever you fancy. And guess what? If you choose Locked staking, you can still do Flexible staking at the same time. Double the staking, double the fun!

2) Flexible Staking

Simply stake your DACKIE and sit back! Your DACKIE rewards will be automatically calculated, distributed, and added to your staking balance, with just a minor fee deducted.

If you have DACKIE staked in flexible staking

  • βœ… Add more DACKIE to flexible staking

  • βœ… Harvest rewards any time

  • βœ… Withdraw any time (fees apply for the first 72 hours, see below)

  • βœ… Convert all staked DACKIE in flexible to locked staking

  • ❌ Add DACKIE to locked staking if you have any DACKIE in flexible staking

  • ❌ Convert part of the staked DACKIE in flexible to locked staking

3) Locked Staking

Maximize your earnings and enjoy additional perks by committing your DACKIE tokens to a predetermined staking period! Please note that your DACKIE rewards will be locked alongside your staked DACKIE and will only be accessible once the staking period ends.

  • No fees for performance.

  • The longer you lock, the greater the boost to your yield! Always providing a higher yield compared to flexible staking.

  • Your DACKIE rewards will be unlocked along with your staked DACKIE at the expiration of the lock duration.

  • Once you stake in locked staking, withdrawal is not possible until the end of the lock duration.

  • 🎁 Enjoy benefits such as:

    • 🚜 Boosted farm yields

    • πŸ›οΈ IDO public sale entry

If you have DACKIE staked in locked staking

  • βœ… Add more DACKIE to locked staking

  • βœ… Extend the locked period

  • βœ… Perform flexible staking concurrently

  • ❌ Harvest rewards

  • ❌ Withdraw before the locked staking ends

4) Tutorial - How to?

How to use Flexible Staking?

  • Step 1: Go to the 'Pools' section and select the 'Flexible' option (make sure to click 'Enable' for its contract)

  • Step 2: Pick the number of $DACKIE tokens you want to put on the line and hit the 'Confirm' button with confidence.

  • Step 3: Your DACKIE tokens are now staked and the rewards will keep on growing automatically. Oh, and there's an extra option called 'Convert to Lock' that we'll chat about in a sec.

How to use Locked Staking?

There are two (02) ways to join Locked Staking:

  • Way 1: Simply click on the 'Lock' button (next to the 'Flexible' button).

  • Way 2: Convert from Flexible Staking to Locked Staking by clicking on β€˜Convert to Lock’

    • After selecting a specific lock-in period (ranging from 1 week to 52 weeks), click 'Confirm' to lock your DACKIE tokens.

  • Following this action, you'll be presented with a screen as depicted below.

    • In Box 1: You can either add more DACKIE tokens or extend the lock-in period.

    • In Box 2: Your current DACKIE profit and yield boost multiplier are displayed

    • In Box 3: After you've joined Locked Staking, you also have the option to participate in Flexible Staking concurrently.

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