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The NFT Upgrade lets user upgrade their DackieOnBase NFTs β†’ KingDACKIE NFTs, which are stronger and more flexible. This upgrade increases staking profit $ and opens up asset management and gameplay strategic alternatives.

πŸ‘‰ To access NFT Upgrade feature:

How to upgrade KingDACKIE?

UPGRADE Required:

  • 2 DackieOnBase NFTs

  • 3k $DACKIE

  • 30k $QUACK

β†’ To mint 1 KingDACKIE NFTs.

However, we understand that flexibility is key in the dynamic world of digital assets. That’s why we’ve also had the option to downgrade your NFTs.

How to downgrade KingDACKIE?


  • 1 KingDACKIE NFT

  • 1k $DACKIE

  • 10k $QUACK

β†’ To dowgrade 1 KingDACKIE NFTs β†’ 2 DackieOnBase NFTs

If at any point you can burn you KingDACKIE NFTs and get back your 2 DackieOnBase NFTs

All tokens used as materials for both upgrading and downgrading will be BURNED from the supply, ensuring a deflationary mechanism that adds an extra layer of economic balance and scarcity to our ecosystem.

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