Add/Remove Liquidity

Step 1: Find the "Add Liquidity" Feature

  • On the homepage, simply scroll down to find direct access to the Liquidity page through the yellow "Add Liquidity" button.

  • Or you can access the Liquidity page by navigating through the Trade menu and selecting "Liquidity".

Step 2: Liquidity-Providing Overview

  • Now you’re on the Liquidity page.

On this page you just click on "Add Liquidity", and you will be directed to the screen for providing liquidity.

Step 3: Pick Fee Tier

Select the Token Pair for which you want to add liquidity. In Box 1, you can specify the Fee Tier for your liquidity. If you're not the first person adding this pair, DackieSwap suggests a default Fee Tier of 0.25%, which is commonly used. However, you have the flexibility to create your own Fee Tier with a lower or higher fee based on your preference. Keep in mind that our router intelligently suggests the best route for users when performing swaps, considering both price and fee, to provide an optimal trading experience.

Step 4: Liquidity Range

Box 2 displays the current price range and the amount of liquidity available within that range.

Step 5: Pick Your Liquidity Range

The most crucial part is Box 3, where you will choose the price range for providing liquidity. DackieSwap offers four preset options: Β± 10%, 20%, and 50% from the current price. Additionally, there's an AMM option, which spreads liquidity from 0 to infinity, similar to the AMM version.

Here are some strategic tips for adding liquidity with CLMM:

  • For stable pairs like USDC-USDT, the efficient price range is about Β± 1% to 5%.

  • For non-volatile pairs like ETH-USDC, the efficient price range is about Β± 10% to 20%.

  • For volatile pairs, the efficient price range is about Β± 30% to 50%. For some very low-cap altcoins or meme coins with price fluctuations of x10 to x100, you should choose the AMM option to ensure there's always liquidity available for your token at any price.

Step 6: Add Your Liquidity

In Box 4, input the number of tokens you want to provide as liquidity. Once you've configured all the settings for your liquidity, click on "Add" to review your liquidity details.

Then, click "Add" again. A confirmation prompt will appear on your wallet, and once you confirm it, your liquidity will be successfully provided.

Once you have successfully provided liquidity, you will see your liquidity displayed on the liquidity page, along with the LP status.


If the price moves outside your specified range to the left, your pair will be converted all to DACKIE at a rate of 2,027.62 DACKIE/ETH.

Conversely, if the price moves outside your range to the right, your pair will be converted all to ETH at a rate of 3,164.01 DACKIE/ETH.

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