Dackie NFT Pools

Stake your NFT, earn exclusive rewards

Hey there, NFT fans! Brace yourself for the exciting world of Dackie NFT Pools. Forget about boring old NFTs gathering virtual dust - it's time to jazz things up! We're here to show you how to turn your digital treasures into money-making machines.

What is Dackie NFT Pools?

Explore Dackie NFT Pools, where your NFTs become valuable assets. Our NFT Pools increase their worth and help you increase your income.

How to join NFT Staking Pools?

  • Step 2: Choose NFT collections that you own, and grant permission for our contracts to use your NFTs by clicking on Enable.

  • Step 3: Metamask will prompt you to allow access to all your NFTs in the collection. A warning may appear because the contract will be granted permission to manage your NFT collection. However, this is a standard process, simply click Approve.\

  • Step 4: Click Stake to select the NFT you wish to stake into the pools.

  • Step 5: A pop-up will appear with buttons to assist you Select All or Deselect All (if you have many NFTs). Once you've made your selection, tap Confirm.

  • Step 6: Finally, your NFTs are staked successfully.

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