Initial DEX Offering (IDO) platform designed to assist projects in raising funds.

Step into the spotlight with DackiePad - the ultimate gateway to IDO glory! Welcome to the universe of Initial DEX Offerings, where projects raise funds like never before. This guide is your golden ticket to navigate DackiePad effortlessly, whether you're a crypto wizard or a curious explorer. Get ready to swap, stake, and shine with DackiePad!

Considering joining the DackiePad IDO?

It's essential to have some knowledge about IDOs before making a decision. Start by reading THIS FAQs, which provides answers to common questions about IDOs.

Additionally, you can also find the process of participating in the public sale in the above given link.

How to join DackiePad IDO?

For users who are unfamiliar with DeFi, this guide is here to assist you in participating and purchasing tokens from an IDO project. We'll provide a step-by-step walkthrough, illustrating the process using DACKIE as a token sale example.

  • Section #1: The timer box acts as a guide, indicating the various stages of the IDO, including preparation, start, and completion.

  • Section #2: Display the available token quantities for each type. IDO pools generally fall into two categories:

    • Private sales: Require whitelisting

    • Public sales: Open to everyone (although some public sales may require you to stake a certain amount of DACKIE, but we'll cover that later).

  • Section #3: The eligibility section determines if your wallet is eligible to participate in the private sale.

  • Section #4: When you're ready to participate in the IDO, click 'Enable'.This grants authorization to the IDO contract, allowing it to utilize your WETH tokens in your wallet for pool commitments (most DackiePad IDOs use WETH for fundraising, unless there are specific exceptions).

If your wallet has been added to the whitelist (either by supporting the project early on or winning a whitelist slot, etc.), it will be shown as indicated below. In this example, we'll assume that the wallet is included in the whitelist.

How to proceed with the commitment?

  • Step 1: Look at the Time Window (in Section #1) to know the duration within which you can proceed with your commitment.

    • It's important to note that once this timeframe expires, you won't be able to make any commitments. Typically, this period lasts for one day, so there's no need to feel rushed.

  • Step 2: To proceed with your commitment, click on 'Commit WETH'

Step 3: Enter informations in the commitment dialogue box.

  • Section #1 displays the maximum amount of WETH tokens that you can commit.

    • Some IDOs have a limit per wallet configuration to ensure no one participant can buy a large amount of tokens.

  • Section #2 informs you whether the IDO has vesting or not (for more information about vesting, please refer to the Q&A section).

  • Section #3: After you've selected the amount of WETH you want to commit, just click 'Confirm'.

In case you don't have WETH in your wallet, a pop up (view the below picture) will appear with a button that redirects you to the swap page. Here, you can wrap your ETH to WETH (this process incurs no fees, just a small gas cost).

Great job! Once you've confirmed your commitment, the outcome will be shown as indicated below. Now, all that's left to do is wait for the IDO to conclude, and you'll get to see the number of tokens you've acquired.

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